Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What people are saying about Rewined Recycled Glassware

I am lucky to have a job making recycled glass where I get so much positive feedback from my customers! It warms my heart to get these little messages, and I wanted to share a couple of them with you as well.

"It's kinda perverse how much I love these glasses. I've purchased one set for myself, and one as a wedding gift for a friend...and I'm considering buying more soon. I will wash one of these glasses to use rather than pick a clean glass from the cupboard. When I have people over, I show them off. I just wanted to say - aside from my old feedback - how much I love your work, and how tickled I am that you appear to be enjoying some success. That is all,"

"The carafe came today and I like it a bunch, the color combination is wonderful.
I am trying to change how I use money. I am making a real effort to only make purchases that fulfill several specific criteria, your work made that easy. Firstly it must be something that will fulfill a real use in my life and will do so with beauty, the carafe does that very well. Secondly it must be something that is, in some way, an environmental positive. Your carafe is made from repurposed bottles and all of the packing material is recyclable so that works too. Thirdly I want to buy directly from the people that create what I am buying to support the independent craftspeople and artisans and that works as well.

Thank you for doing such wonderful work and for sharing it with me."

In peace,
Gale- Chicago

I guess I didn't notice until right now both of these are from Chicago! Thanks for the love Chitown!!

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