Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been reading up on Glass recycling and learning how I can be a better recycler. This site was very helpful. It has tons of facts and a glass recycler locator to help you find out where you can recycle your containers.
One thing I did to encourage myself to be a better recycler in general was to create a sign for my garbage can that says "Landfill" with a picture of a man rumaging through a HUGE landfill. It helps me realize that every time I go to throw something "away" it's really not going "away" at all, it's going to a landfill for decades, perhaps centuries to come. I then become more aware of what I am doing and I am mindful to the fact that I am making a choice between sending things to a landfill or recycling it. I really don't like crapping on future generations and the earth itself by sending things to the landfill and so I think twice before I just toss things out. Right next to my garbage is my recycling bin. I have a contest with myself to see if I can recycle most of what I consume.
Of course my first step though is to REDUCE my consumption. I try real hard to produce as little garbage as possible, but it involves thinking ahead. I stopped using plastic bags for the most part and now either take along a reusable bag or don't use a bag at all. This seems to drive the store clerks crazy. They do the same to me. For instance; I go to the store and get ONE item and the clerk tries to put it in a bag, and I say, "I don't need a bag" and they say, "are you sure?" all the while looking at me like I am crazy! Who is the crazy one here? Who needs a bag for one item!!??
I figured out I can carry about five or six items pretty easily. Try it! Start saying NO to plastic bags! Especially when you don't need one!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our time down here

This scene in the Goonies changed my life. It still gives me goose bumps to this day! I guess the moral of the story is sometimes the easy and safe way out isn't necessarily the best. Sometimes you have to take risks, go through the yuck and muck and face the dangers to come out better on the other end. What an adventure!
What can I say, Goonies never die.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cosa Verde/Modish Earthday Giveaway

Want to win a free set of Rewined Recycled Glassware along with over $1000 of other super cool Earth friendly products??? The Earth friendly market place Cosa Verde and the design blog Modish are sponsoring an awesome giveaway to celebrate EARTH DAY on April 22nd. It is super easy to participate so be sure to check it out here.

Here is some more motivation to check out all the talented earth friendly designers and artists. I hear people of all ages often complain about problems in the world with a sense of powerlessness to affect change. But we must realize that everyday we vote for what type of world we are supporting through our smallest individual choices. Think of every dollar you spend as a VOTE for what you support. Don't like air pollution and global warming? VOTE less for it by driving less or conserving energy. Don't like ground water pollution? Don't VOTE for it by choosing to use things like natural cleaners and laundry detergent. Want more natural, earth-friendly, sustainable products? VOTE for it by supporting the talented people making these things. It is through all these seemingly small decisions that we make as a collective group of people on a daily basis which creates our society. Let's think a little deeper about these choices and be the change we wish to see in the world.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Etsy Love! : WitchHazelHandmades

I really love these vintage, eastern bloc postage stamp pendands from WitchHazelHandmades on Etsy.
Justiann happens to be a good friend of mine and is always amazing me with the things she designs and creates. If you have been to my etsy store bodhicitta.etsy.com you'll notice my avatar is of a cow, so I love this Cow pendant she created. She just finished up some wine journals that I think are super cool and hope to see in her etsy shop soon.
On another note, the rain has let up here in North Carolina and the sun is shining. What a beautiful day to be alive. Hope and love spring forth young like the bright green buds on the trees along South Elm street. Hope all is beautiful in your neck of the woods.
As my Grandpa used to say as he raised his juice glass at breakfast time each morning, "To a good day!"